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 Friend Referal Project!

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Friend Referal Project! Empty
PostSubject: Friend Referal Project!   Friend Referal Project! EmptySun May 20, 2012 11:26 am

Do you have a friend from the Internet, real life, anything that you want RO join this forum? Well, we have a new system so you can get more WP for referrals! For every friend you refer to the site, you can get 50 WP! The way that this can be valid is if that friend tells me that you refered them to this site through PM! So make sure to tell them your name here! It is a way that I can reward you for brining in more users. But, if you are caugt just creating accounts that you made and telling me that so and so let you join, you will never be allowed to join any WP contests and you will be banned for a day. Thank you and get referring!
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Friend Referal Project!
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