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My Starclan cats Tallst10

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Greetings, welcome to the forest. I feel that you are interested in Clan life. Why don't you follow me into this here camp to explore to ease your curiosity. You show great Warrior traits. Why don't you join Clan life? Are you up to it...
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 My Starclan cats

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PostSubject: My Starclan cats   My Starclan cats EmptySun Jan 29, 2012 11:41 am

Name- Brackenstar (Hawkheart)
Age- 39 moons when killed; 17 moons in Starclan
Gender- Tom
Rank- Was Leader
Clan- Was Riverclan
Color/Description- Broad-shouldered tabby tom with bright amber eyes
Personality- Kind, Caring, Sweet, Gentle, Loyal, Protective
Crush- Brightstorm
Mate- Brightstorm
Kits- Hawkstar
Family/History- Nothing, all he knows is he is a descendent of Hawkfrost.

Name- Brightstorm (Hawkheart)
Age- 40 moons when killed; 18 moons in Starclan
Gender- She-cat
Rank- Was Warrior
Clan- Riverclan
Color/Description- Tan and white tabby she-cat with bright blue eyes
Personality- Kind, Caring, Sweet, Loyal, Protective, Motherly
Crush- Brackenstar
Mate- Brackenstar
Kits- Hawkstar
Family/History- Nothing.
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PostSubject: Re: My Starclan cats   My Starclan cats EmptySun Jan 29, 2012 5:07 pm

Accepted!! Very Happy
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My Starclan cats
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