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 Forum Deputies and Forum RP Deputies Get Payed!!

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PostSubject: Forum Deputies and Forum RP Deputies Get Payed!!   Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:03 pm

Forum Deputies (Moderators) and Forum RP Deputies (RP Moderators) are now getting payed for their hard work. Forum Deputies will be payed 10 WP every week. Forum RP Deputies will be payed 4 WP a week. They still can quit and be fired as well for inactivity or for something else that upsets the forum environment. If you want to get paid, send in your application to me through PM and maybe you could be accepted. Thank you and try to send me your application to me soon.

(Forum Deputies get paid more WP then Forum RP Deputies right now because there is no open RP's. Sorry for the inconvenience but soon, they will be paid as much or more then Forum Deputies.)
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Forum Deputies and Forum RP Deputies Get Payed!!
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