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 Warrior Points FAQ's

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PostSubject: Warrior Points FAQ's   Warrior Points FAQ's EmptyWed Jan 18, 2012 6:49 pm

If you are wondering how many points you get and how you ge them, this is the perfect topic to read. Thank you and read carefully.

What are Warrior Points??
Warrior Points are just a fun idea to get people motivated to post posts and create topics. You can receive prizes for them to, to reward your hard work on this forum. Sometimes, special offers are offered in the Warrior Points Shop.

What does WP mean??
WP is short for Warrior Points. I use it for short sometimes when I get lazy.

How many WP do I get for every posts??
You get 1 WP for every post you post.

How many WP do I get for every topic??
You get 3 WP for every topic you create.

How do I tell WarriorsFan what I want from the Shop??
You post what you want in a topic on this forum. DO NOT POST ON THIS TOPIC OR THE POINT SHOP TOPIC! Only post in those topics if completely needed but it will be deleted once taken care of.

Can I post questions on this topic?
Yes, you can post questions here and if they are genuinely good question, it could be put on this post here!

Thank you for reading this if you have questions. Feel free to ask questions here or if it is a personal question, please PM me if needed but try and post it here. Thank you and enjoy!
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Warrior Points FAQ's
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