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 Warriors Rules

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PostSubject: Warriors Rules   Warriors Rules EmptySun Jan 15, 2012 2:27 pm

Warriors Rules

1. The site rules, and the RP rules apply here! (They apply everywhere on the forums.)

2. I would like you to know what Warrior Cats is and have read the books if you are to join. If you have not read the books and want to join, then talk to me.

3. Leaders, Deputies, Medicine Cats and Medicine Cat Apprentices MUST BE ACTIVE! I will remove you from those positions if your not. You must try to be on during Gatherings. If you are going on vacation or going to be gone for a while, please post in the Attendance forum so we know not to remove you!

4. Not all cats are perfect little followers of StarClan. They need to have some defect, either being rather mean to the other Clans or having a short temper. Your cats can be born evil also.

5. Your characters must be accepted by the admin before you RP with them!

6. If your cat is not a Medicine Cat or Medicine Cat Apprentice, then they shouldn't know anything about herbs, unless they have a very good reason!

7. Queens can have a max of 4 kits. You can give your kits to other people to RP with, or you can RP with them, ect.

Tips/Extra Info

1. I will do activity checks every now and then, to weed out the inactive cats so Clans don't get flooded with cats that aren't even used. If you are on vacation, PLEASE post something about it in the Attendance forum so we know not to delete your characters.

2. You can enter as many Clans and have as many characters as you can handle.

3. Deaths and births is a BIG thing that keeps this game running. Your characters MUST die sooner or later. Time doesn't freeze, so your character has to get older, and die. You can still RP, just make a new character! When your characters die, they are NOT gone forever. They move to either StarClan or the Dark Forest. And you can RP in their too! StarClan characters can send prophecies and omens down. When Clans go into battle, it would be realistic if some characters died in the battles. Like I said, it keeps it fun and interesting!

4. Warriors is rightfully owned by Erin Hunter! We just like to RP about them, because they are so cool!

5. These RP's take place after the Warriors story, so that means Firestar is history, SkyClan have already been found, ect ect. They live in the Forest Territory though.

6. 1 moon= 1 week
It is so short because I understand how people don't want to really live in this game. If you wante to age the cat quicker, tell me. If you want me to age a cat slower, ask me also.

7. Leaders choose the next deputy, choose mentors, and make cats apprentices, warriors, elders, ect. If your character is the leader of the Clan, then it is YOUR responsibility to check up on kit's ages and apprentices's ages and things like that on the Character List, so you know if you need to make kits apprentices, or make any apprentices warriors, ect.

8. If the owner of the Leader charrie is gone, (like on vacation or something) then the owner of the deputy charrie can only RP as the leader if completely needed.

9. It is up to the leader to choose warrior names. You can't be promised a specific one but if you want a specific one, play like Crowfeather did by interrupting Tallstar and saying you want a specific name.

10. Leaders lose a life every month, so they don't seemingly live forever. You don't have to give a reason to why they lose a life, they just lose a life.

11. If you would like your cat to become a Medicine Cat Apprentice, please mention it in out of character. The cats of StarClan will discuss it and choose a cat, then send down an omen, telling the Medicine Cat who her/his apprentice will be.
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Warriors Rules
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