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Greetings, welcome to the forest. I feel that you are interested in Clan life. Why don't you follow me into this here camp to explore to ease your curiosity. You show great Warrior traits. Why don't you join Clan life? Are you up to it...
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PostSubject: Highstones   Highstones EmptySun Jan 15, 2012 2:21 pm

The Moonstone

Highstones is a place where the Moonstone is located. The Moonstone is located through a series of tunnels in Highstones. Medicine cats come here every half-moon for their Medicine Cat meeting to recieve special omens from StarClan. Leaders also come here to recieve their 9 lives from StarClan. It is a sacred place to the Clan cats. WindClan is the closest Clan to Highstones.
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