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 Warriors Fans Forum Punishments

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PostSubject: Warriors Fans Forum Punishments   Warriors Fans Forum Punishments EmptySun Jan 15, 2012 12:43 pm

If you break the rules then here is what would happen to you. I posted this here so it could influence you not to break the rules. Our code works as a 3 strikes and you are out kind of bases so if receive 3 warnings you next punishment for your next offence is a banning. Please be aware because we want everyone to have a great experience on our forum. Here are the punishment orders:

Punishment Order-

1st- A Warning
2nd- A Warning
3rd- A Warning
4th- A Month Ban
5th- A Permanent Ban

If you break a rule or do something so serious, please be aware that we may skip warnings and go straight to bannings. Thank you and have a fun time here.
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Warriors Fans Forum Punishments
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